Joshua Claassen
I am currently majoring in Psychology and minoring in Art, and thinking about adding Graphic Design.  In addition, I am thinking about going to grad school for Graphic Design.  That is the plan now anyway.  Who knows where life will take me.  Life lead me to paint a mural in my hometown’s first firehouse.  Life lead me to be the designer of the Dogs and Spuds logo.  And, life lead me to Australia!  My artistic abilities (besides the ones used for Dogs and Spuds) during my visit to Australia have been focused on projects in my Graphic Design class and drawing portraits of people.  (By the time I leave, all of my friends will have portraits of them.)  In the future I want to do as much of any artwork that I can possibly do.  I love doing portraits and I love designing things from logos to posters and book covers!  Designing the logo and characters for Dogs and Spuds was the first of projects that will actually be used for something, and I had a blast doing it!  Hopefully Dogs and Spuds is not the last of these types of projects. :)